On the Village: Seamoor

Seamoor: Decrepit Fishing Village
Small Town: "Familia Vocat Nos" (Family Calls Us)

Mayor / Town council -- Elected for life (Plutocratic)
Population: 2015
Breakdown by Race: Human (1950), Elf (40), Dwarf/Gnome (11) Other (14)
Breakdown by Class: Citizens - 1797, Hirelings - 7, Officers - 17, Clergy - 17, Freeholders - 134, Nobels - 43
Languages: Common, Ichthys (rare)
Local Gods:
Oizys, the corrupt (Titan), Ruler
Enato (M), Sea, Storms, The Moon / Merchants & Fishermen / Human, bronze skin, black hair
Lalai (F), Fog, Sleep, Prophecy / Wanderers & Tricksters / Human, ivory skin, grey hair
Taisk (M), Fish, Chaos, The Deep / Son of Enato / Appears as a fish with golden skin
Notable NPC's
Cecil Youngmay / Helpful / Lord Mayor
George Sirett / Intense / Master of Scrivners
Farnok Troll / Goodfella / Lieutenant Commander of the Guard
Albert Osmer / Gloomy / Son of town founder / Secret / Council Member
Baden Medwin / Irreligious, Squeaky / Uninterested in politics, Council Member / Building an inn
Vivian Freegard / Mournful / Guardian of Seamoor / Council Member
Portia Stannard / Analytical / Priestess of Enato / Council Member
Neil Elphee / Caring, low-pitched / Young, Unmarried / Council Member / Rumored to have poisoned parents.

The Drunken Urchin / Tavern / Proprietor:  Curtis Wolsey / Wicked
The Fresh Loaf / Bakery / Guildhead: Aylmer Azo / Whiney
The Fish's Cock / Tavern / Proprietor: Godfrey Lambrick / Shameless
Wicker Goat / Inn / Proprietor: Rowan Almond / Humble
The Anvil / Guildhall of Smiths / Guildmaster: Thomas Bedloe / Talks to self, solitary

Locations / Interesting Features: None

Resources: Coastland, Temperate, Swamp
Fishing (Fish/Crab), Pasture (Underutilized), River (Underutilized)

Obstacles: Corruption (leaders), Hunted (Bandits), Impoverished, Population (Unskilled Labor)
Adventure Seeds: Workers building Baden's Inn are diappearing
Church Parishioners have ceased attending
A shipment of valuable metal intended for Thomas Bedloe is gone.
The Drunken Urchin is all out of the special berries they use to brew their wine

Some examples of names

Men: Thaddeus Brunker, Mervyn Trumble, Joshua Aylwin, Valentine Kenward, Grimbald Yonwin, Baden Winbow, Harry Alston, Alfred Orrick, Mickey Burrage, Clifford Outridge, Wilfred Almer
Women:  Carolyn Alflatt, Vicki Goldburg, Jasmine Cutteridge, Tracey Medwin, Sophia Wymer, Lauren Balding, Elizabeth Elphee, Geraldine Alvar, Jemma Freelove, Clara Elsegood, Georgina Ashwin, Grace Leavins

This uses the Village Resource Guide.

So is this useful or not?


  1. I think it is useful. If for nothing else, it gives me some ideas to think about when organizing information. My campaign has gone on for almost three years and the characters are at name level, it is getting harder to keep ahead of them and and keeping the binder organized. This will help in seeing how I can keep on top of some the items in the setting without creating huge amounts of material that won't see use.

  2. I think it's useful. Compared to what I use in my own games I'd say that it'd be too much information for my game, though. I don't need that many council members, for example. I'm also not sure what to do with the Obstacles section. I really like the local gods (never thought of that) and the list of names (I usually keep a list of names for the entire campaign, having a list per region makes it more interesting and takes very little space).


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