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Population Center NamesDojon;
D20 Generator;
Abulafia Fantasy Town Names;
k4_pacific Random Town and Subdivision Name Generator;

Descriptive Phrase: Bustling, Chaotic, Decadent, Decrepit, Empty, Established, Growing, Loud, Meltingpot, Metropolitan, Modest, Prosperous, Sprawling, Thriving, Vast,
City Generator;
Abulafia Fantasy Town Generator; Region Inspiration
Mathmagican Town Generator

Type:  Thorp/Camp: 0-20 (Class VI)
Hamlet/Camp: 21-60 (Class VI)
Village/Camp: 61-200 (Class VI)
Small Town/Camp: 201-2,000 (Class V)
Large Town: 2,001-5,000 (Class V-IV)
Small City: 5,001-10,000 (Class IV-III)
Large City: 10,000-25,000 (Class III)
Metropolis 25,000-99,999 (Class II)
Capitol:100,000+ (Class I)

"Community Motto": Chaotic Shiny Motto Generator;
Motto Generator;


Governments: Autocracy, Band Society, Bureaucracy, Chiefdom (Tribal), Confederacy, Council, Democracy, Dictatorship, Feudalism, Geniocracy, Gerontocracy, Gynarchy, Hierarchy, Kratocracy, Magocracy, Manororalism, Matriarchy / Patriarchy, Meritocracy, Militocracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Pedocracy, Plutocracy, Republic, Satrapy, Syndicracy, Theocracy, Timocracy, Town Meeting

Population breakdown: Human/population, Elf/Population, Dwarf/Population, Gnome/Population, Other/Population
Medieval Demographics Calculator: City
Medieval Demographics Calculator: Kingdom
Medieval Demographics Calculator: Article  

Languages Spoken*: Common (trade language), Fay, Dialects→High/Grey/Wild (Pixie-Farie, Elf, Grey), Lilliputian (Gnome, Halfling, Burrowing mammals), Hellion (Goblinoid, orc), Montus (Dwarven, Undercommon), Canis (Gnoll/Gnarl-ron/Wolf-men), Homonid (Ape), Jotnar (Trolls/giants), Suidae (Boar-men), Ophidian (reptile/lizard-men), Arachnidia (spider), Chordata (Kuo-Toa, Troglodites, Bullywugs), Sign, Black Speech, High Ancient

Local Religions: Chaotic Shiny Cohesive Religion Trait Generator
Chaotic Shiny Pantheon Generator
Seventh Sanctum Deity Generator 
Both Tome of Adventure Design and Ultimate Toolbox are useful. . . though not online.
Some others: Keldia Deity Generation
Abulafia Cult Generator and Abulafia Pantheon Generator
Non-Automated Cult Generator from Evan at In Places Deep

Notable NPC's: Index of Old Occupations
Medieval Jobs
Medieval Occupations
101 Random NPC Personalities
RAD NPC generator


Shops: Automated Interesting Business Generator
1d8 Fantasy Business Name Generator

Inns/Locations: Dojon Random Inn generator
Tavern Generator with Menu
Chaotic Shiny Bazaar, City Info, Merchants
Abulafia Tavern Generation; Inn & Tavern Names only;

Locations/Interesting Features: Agricultural (Granary) Ancestral homelands; Animals/Zoo (Stable/Aviary); Castle/Fortification (Walls); Civic Virtue (Forum/Senate House); College/School (Spells/Alchemy/Medicine/Library); Districts (Neighborhoods/Wards/Burroughs/Cantons/Diocese/Precincts/Quarters/Sectors/Turf/Zones); District Capitals (Multi-story building/Underground Hangar or Cavern/Warehouse/Palace/Castle/Tower/Sewer Section/Intersection/Open Square/Park/Maze/Church/Guild Hall/Section of Docks/Cemetery/Hidden Area/Special Inn/Restaurant/Tavern); Holy (Religious/Missionary/Convent/Monastery/Sacrificial Altar); Holy Site (Necropolis/Old Ruins); Industry (old/current); Infrastructure (Roads/Aqueduct/Housing/Markets/Services/Canals/Inns); Isolationist; Infamous (Criminals/Outcasts/Rebels/Prisoners); Landmarks; Ley Line Nexus; Military; Port (Harbor/Docks/Lighthouse); Prejudice; Royalty; Strategic/Defensible Location (Constructed on Hills);  Sports Center (Colosseum); Superstitious; Thieves Guild; Trade City; Tourist trap (Theater); Wealthy (Craft/Guild/Banks); Undercity; Unusual type (Cloud/Subterranean/Treetop/Cliffside/Floating)
Abulafia Fantasy Town Feature Description

Resources: Animals (Elephants/Furs/Horses/Ivory/Whales); Climate Type (Arctic, Sub-Arctic, Temperate, Moderate, Sub-Tropical, Tropical); Coast-land, Fertile Farmland(Bananas/Corn/Rice/Wheat); Fishing (Clam/Crab/Fish); Geography (High Mountains, Moderate Mountains, Low Mountains, Foothills, Rolling Hills, Plains, Jungle, Dense Forest, Light Forest, Scrub, Grasslands, Barren, Desert, Swamp) Hunting/Game (Deer); Medicinal/Alchemical Plants/Herbs (Dye/Incense/Silk/Spices/Sugar/Wine); Mines (Iron/Gold/Silver/Gems/Copper/Coal); Pasture (Cow/Sheep/Goats); Quarry (Marble/Stone); River, Timber; Natural Industry (Quarry/Mill/Smelters/Magical Workshops); Magical Resources (Ley Lines);


Obstacles: Anarchy; Barren; Black Wizardry;  Civil Warfare (Class Warfare/Racism/Civil Disunity); Corruption (Leaders/Bureaucracy/Secret Society/Mercenary Populous/Cartels and Cabals/Nobel Houses/Gangs); Contaminated Land (Salt/Toxin/Supernatural/Ancient damage); Cursed; Harsh Conditions (Brutal Cold/Rock slides/Volcanoes/Isolated/Near Large Monster Lair); Hazardous Resource (Wasted Production); Hunted (Supernatural/Human Raiders/Banditry/Monster Infested); Impoverished (Starvation); Infamous; Natural Disasters (Tornadoes/Hurricanes/Flooding); Plague (Magical/Natural/Curse); Population (No Workers/Unskilled Labor/Broken Spirit/Unhappy Subjects/Shanty Town/Xenophobic population) Religious Zealotry; Rebels (Exiled Lords); Ruinous Customs; Uncertain Ownership; Undeveloped Land; Unquiet Dead;

Adventure Seeds: 650 Fantasy City Encounter Seeds & Plots(.pdf) from Roleplayingtips.com
Here's an online generator using the same seeds.
Abulafia Fantasy Town Event Generator

Names: Story Games Name Project (.pdf file) Some of these on Abulafia
Online Random Name Generator
Seventh Sanctum Name Generator
Fantasy Name Generator

If any of the above links are broken, please email me or comment on this post.  I will fix the broken link and delete the comment.

If you come across any more resources, comment below and I will update the post.

If you read this and don't follow my blog - then why are you even on the internet? What exactly are your specifications for free resources that I'm not meeting! That's what I thought. This damn thing took me 4 days to write.

* Use whatever languages you use in your home campaign. This is a refrence for me, and these are my current languages


  1. Hallo!

    It's been a long time coming for me, but I have to say I bloody love your blog. You have converted me over to the old school ways.

    This post is incredibly well timed, I was just trying to answer a question one of my players gave me and resorted to your blog for the information. Impeccable timing.

    The question was, with the player being in one of my towns, "Can i acquire loaded dice and some poison?"

    Now, i did not know how many taverns were in this town let alone the above. I've adhered to something you said in another post, basically, say yes, but give them three problems to go with it (terrible paraphrasing there).

    How about maybe tackling such questions in later posts? In other words, when players want to acquire something less than savory, what sort of way would you go about it- and what would the consequences be? Handwave? Roleplay? Between sessions by email? Just curious about your methods.

    Anyhow this is my favorite blog, TY for taking the effort to continuously update.

    (Also If you ever get the chance i would love to hear your thoughts on the NEW hackmaster, which I have decided to use for my campaign.)

    1. Thanks. I appreciate hearing from my readers.

      If you like the blog or the documents I write, talk about it. Post links in different places. Share the resource with other people.

      I am doing about 1000 other things, but don't seem to be having any problem keeping the blog up to date, so I hope I can do a post or so a day for a while!

  2. The link to http://www.bullypulpitgames.com/projects/names/ doesn't work for me (file not found). Names by culture link.

  3. An awesome list - thanks for the effort here!

  4. The link to the City demographics calculator (http://www.lucidphoenix.com/dnd/demo/business0.asp) is broken- I think the website might have disappeared.

  5. Incredible piece of work. I'm stunned.


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