On Transcripst: Lucid Agency

In which the players are informed of their agency, and the results and consequences thereof.

DM: I don't care what type of government you guys have when you're in charge. Or how you get to be in charge, anything is fine. What I -- obviously I've given you a ton of things to do, oriented with your goal. The major obstacle are, what the f*&^ is up with the s*&^^y mayor, and corruption slash banditry.

Jordan: Most of the corruption stems from the s*&^^y mayor.

DM: I'm not going to explicitly tell you how to address each of those problems, because you're going to go to the council meeting and your going to find out some stuff.

Rachel (to Garth): You're an alchemist.

Garth: I dehydrate everyone.

DM: You'll be able to -- you know if you just walk in a random direction and started poking around with s*&^ it would intersect with one of these goals. It doesn't matter. You can choose to do anything you want, you can handle things any way you want. Unless your solution is, 'I'm gonna pull up and walk till we reach another city' at which point we're going to grab some random tables and I'm going to be really angry that I did all this work on this city {Indicates drawing of arieal picture of town, drawings of mayor and town council, sheet with city stats}.

Jordan: We'll get rich and retire.

DM: That's ok, I can be angry about leaving the city, but, uh, hydras all over the road.

Garth: Falling, drop pods

DM: Look! You rolled a 97! The weather is raining hydras!

Garth: The map just has a big word that says hydras.

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