On The Thursday Trick, Slaughtering Staircase

Slaughtering Staircase (Melee Attacks)

Trigger: Mechanical: Pressure PlateEffects: N/A
Save: Armor Class Duration: Instant
Resets: AutomaticBypass: Disarm

Description: Staircases are dangerous. All too often, stairs are just used as a passageway from one area to another.

They are an opportunity for excitement.

The party comes across a staircase. At the foot of the stairs are a few bodies. The bodies may not be visible from the top. Several of the bodies may not have made it to the foot of the staircase and are lying near the bottom half..

Each of the bodies appears to be shot from behind by wooden 'spears'. Not full size spears, but 3' long sharpened stakes.

There is a pressure plate on the staircase. When triggered, this triggers a spear thrower located in the vertical wall of the stair. Three stairs above the trigger are primed with this trap. There are two stairs of space between the trigger and the spear throwers.

The spears attack from the rear if the players are descending, so remember to add that bonus. They may do whatever damage is appropriate.

Detection/Disarming:The bodies are the first clue. This trap is substantially more deadly when coming from the top of the stairs. You may allow the party to see the bodies as they descend for extra entertainment.

When the bodies are examined, they have clearly been killed by the spears sticking straight out of their bodies. If the spears are examined, they all appear to be perpendicular to the bodies, as if shot from behind, not as if shot by archers at the top or bottom of the stairs.

Those checking the vertical section of the stairs closely may not notice several uncovered holes. They are small, but large enough for spears to shoot out of.

The pressure plate has a slightly different texture then the rest of the stairs. Also, there is a slight give before the trap is triggered.

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