On Some Interesting Numbers

So, I figured I'd share some information with everyone.

This website popped on metafilter the other week. This resulted in 2,567 hits the first day, and 1,379 the second. This is higher traffic than normal.

There were more hits than that. Because metafilter is full of inconsiderate bastards, they directly linked the files instead of the blog posts. (ED Note: They are not really inconsiderate, nor were their parents actually not married. They linked the blog, the posts, and the series in addition to directly linking the files.) I had 607 downloads of the Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design document (total for April) and 337 of the Treasure document (same).

The blog posts for tricks got 779 views and treasure got 329. Being that some people must have downloaded the files after they visited the webpage, not nearly every web page visit resulted in a download.

Secondarily, During the 48 hours that metafilter hit, I picked up 1 new google follower, and 0 new RSS subscribers.

This doesn't mean it didn't have any effect -- perhaps some will read the documents later or find them useful and come back at some point soon and subscribe.

Also: I've been playing Legend of Grimrock, and figured I'd write up a spoiler-light guide to my experiences with the game.

Since that post went live? 6,119 hits.

Also, the day it hit, I picked up a new subscriber and 4 more google reader subscribers.

What's the message here? There isn't one. This is a hobby, and I do it for fun. If I wanted a part-time job, I'd blog about something with a larger reach then 2000 possible interested people, like politics, movies, or celebrities. And in that niche, I certainly wouldn't be blogging about DM specific theory topics that encourage people to comment "You think like a Vulcan, I just play".

Conversely, as a reader and a blogger, I know the possible maximum traffic numbers, and if you're running ads, rest assured I've un-followed your blog. Not because there's anything wrong with ads, but because you're both inconveniencing me and possibly making ten whole dollars a year.

In the rush to publish the post, I forgot to thank and welcome all my new readers!



  1. Hey there! I'm the inconsiderate bastard who linked the PDFs directly on MetaFilter.

    I'm not sure if you saw the original post (http://www.metafilter.com/114562/APPENDIX-G-CONTENTS-OF-A-PIT) but I linked to the site, the posts and the PDFs, not just the latter. If you'd like, I can contact the moderators and have the direct-to-PDF links removed.

    1. My apologies.

      I have this naturally inflammatory writing style. It was meant to be tongue in cheek (see, because you sent all that traffic my way you must be so inconsiderate. . .)

      It was appreciated, and I request nor require no change in the original post. I will also correct the above post to note my inaccuracy.

      Again, apologies.

    2. Well, if it makes you feel better, we've both clearly failed at be facetious (although I did want to make sure you were cool with the rough equivalent of hotlinking.) No harm, no foul.

  2. I think your stats must be off. I found your blog from the MeFi post; downloaded the two docs (but only after viewing the posts themselves); added it to my RSS feed, and have been clicking through on most every post since. So at the least, I know that RSS subscriptions >= 1...

    1. You are correct, I checked only in the first 12 hours or so for RSS subscribers. No increase was noted then. I did notice about a half dozen in the week following.

  3. The numbers can be damned fun to look at, can't they? I myself have recently been engrossed by my numbers, though I imagine they'd be much lower if not for google image search.


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