On Brilliance Illuminated

I do this for the benefit of my own reference.

Some of the most important things I've read in the blogosphere have been written lately by Roger at Rolls, Rules, and Roles.

They are summarized and linked below.

Analog, Digital, Procedural: "You see, in Old School play ... fluff is crunch. The sandy floor, moist walls made of soft stone, composition of the gate, and disposition of the kobolds all can feed into the players' improvised plans and the DM's improvised rulings. Critics of "fluff" in adventure writing, already prejudiced by that term, call it unnecessary. Indeed, the prose need not be purple."

OSR Contradiction: Play versus Fiction:  "you'll look in vain for all those pulp adventure stories featuring the sword-wielding barbarian and his wizard buddy. . .the four classes are classics because they set up instant character conflicts within the party, but on a tame enough level that the party can still work together."

OSR Contradition: Player Skill versus Minimal Dungeons:  "Many, many games were played with this mechanistic, 8-bit digital method. Many more would be played using the more sophisticated rules that interacted with character skills and eventually turned into Spot checks. What almost nobody was doing was the "player skill" method that's seized the Old School mantle. Next to no space in Dragon magazine was dedicated to elaborate analog mechanical trap descriptions in the manner of Courtney's Hack & Slash blog. What you saw instead was rules, charts, tables."

Apologies for linking my own blog.

These posts are the most important things written so far this year in the OSR.


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