On Alchemical Items, Powder of the Convulsive Cachinnate

Powder of the Convulsive Cachinnate
BSC:40%(R)gp:100 gp
DC:20TTC:2 days
CC:4CGP::35 gp
NWP:-1XP:- xp
D100:+15%Weight:- / 20
D6:3 in 6 / 4Difficulty:Difficult

Materials: Rare Earths (2 drams), Cannabis Sativa (4 drams), Powdered Nickle (2 drams), Powdered Khat leaves (1 dram)
Description: When a target is dosed with this powder, they are seized with an overwhelming compulsion to laugh. Everything becomes hilarious. They may save versus petrification to avoid the effects (Will Save DC 16). If the saving throw is failed, the target(s) begin laughing uncontrollably, falling prone on the ground. This only lasts for 1 round. After this round they may stand up again, but they continue to laugh for the next 2-5 (1d4+1) rounds. While laughing they receive a -2 on all attack and damage rolls.
This only affects targets of intelligence 4 or higher. 

Rules are here.

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