On Alchemical Items, Ointment of Water Protection

Ointment of Water Protection
BSC:30%(R)gp:200 gp
DC:22TTC:4 days
CC:6CGP::90 gp
D100:+5%Weight:- / 20
D6:2 in 6 / 4Difficulty:Hard

Materials: Rare Earths (1dram), Powdered Malachite (5 drams), Powdered Alum (4 ounces), Nitron (4 ounces), Olive Oil (4 ounces), Beeswax (4 ounces)
Description: This substance protects objects from water damage. One vial is enough to coat ten square feet of material. It must be applied and allowed to dry and it will preserve any item or surface from water damage.

Rules are here.

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