On Alchemical Items, Oil of Phasing

Oil of Phasing
BSC:10%(R)gp:1400 gp
DC:26TTC:3 days
CC:10CGP::300 gp
NWP:-7XP:250 xp
D100:-15%Weight:- / 20
D6:1 in 6 / 6Difficulty:XXX

Materials: Powdered Gold (1 dram), Powdered Silver (1 dram), Powdered Platinum (1 dram), Rare Earths (4 drams), Almonds (10 drams), Grape Seed (10 drams), Sunflower (10 drams), Olive Oil (8 drams), Blink Dog Teeth/Transportation Essence (2 drams), Rakshasa Paw/Planar Essence (2 drams), Powdered Sapphire (5 drams)
Description: This oil once applied causes the user to phase in and out of the ethereal plane for the duration of the oil. On any given round there is a chance the user is ethereal. Roll a die at the start of the players turn. Even numbers mean the the user is on the prime material, odd mean he is on the ethereal. While on the ethereal plane the user is invisible, and only takes half damage from attacks that do not extend into the ethereal plane. They may also pass through solid substances, though if they phase back into the prime material while within a solid substance, instant death will result.

Rules are here.

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  1. So, if I want to be ethereal 2/3rds of the time, can I use a d3?


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