On Alchemical Items, Oil of Eternal Flame

Oil of Eternal Flame
BSC:25%(R)gp:150 gp
DC:23TTC:2 days
CC:7CGP::80 gp
NWP:-4XP:25 xp
D100:+0%Weight:- / 20
D6:2 in 6 / 5Difficulty:Hard

Materials: Salamander Scales/Light Essence (2 drams),  Powdered Diamond (1 dram)
Description: When a torch is soaked in this oil and lit, it will burn eternally. Furthermore, the torch burns cool. It does emit heat, but not enough to burn, nor to set things aflame. You could grasp the lit end of this torch and it would be no hotter then a shield left in the sun.
After one round the oil soaks into objects and then if lit aflame will burn forever. It does not really last for all time, but for several years at a minimum. Certain enhanced formulas are said to burn even longer. It does eventually damage items, causing them to decay faster then they would otherwise.

Rules are here.


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