On Transcripts

Better then a play report, a transcription!
I recorded Sunday mornings play session for the ability to review and transcribe it.

It's a horrible example of a play session. I was tired and there were issues. So, perhaps the best way to look at the ideas.

Here's an example of how we handled in town pursuit. 

DM: Me
FF: The new female player, playing a fighter
AG: Alchemist played by G
SJ: Sage played by my brother.

AG: Hey! Let's find that poacher who said that it was haunted and ask him.
DM: Sure you go to the fish's cock and you find the poacher drinking --
SJ: Wait, what?
FF: The fish's cock, it's a fighting rooster.
AG: I thought it was a fish with a rooster.
SJ: I didn't know, I thought it was a fish with a big d**k.
DM: It's very confusing. I'm not sure what the actual intent of the design is.
AG: So is that poacher guy there?
DM: Ah, yes, yes he is, he's drinking.
AG: Aaaaaay!
DM: When you guys walk in, he sees you, he stands up and runs out the back.
AG: *scoffs* I'm going to go to the back door.
SJ: I'm going to chase after him
FF: He thinks we want the gold piece back. (Note: This was nearly undecipherable. I'm certain I missed this comment during play)
DM: Are you guys chasing after him?
{end overtalking}
AG: no, not chasing, I'm just seeing-
SJ: I am.
DM: Well, he's out running.
AG: Wizard gonna get shanked.
FF: Ok, so we're running after him?
SJ: I'm chasing him.
AG: I don't - I don't
DM: The back door is swinging at this point.
FF: I'll go - I'll go, I'll go and protect SJ.
SJ: Well, I'm chasing after him.
DM: ok, ok.
AG: Kinda jogging, half a city block behind them.
DM: So, ah- so, uh, you guys burst out the back door and see him running down the street. When you ran across the bar, the bartender is like "Where's the party," and starts taking his shirt off.
AG: Bartender's a little bit, uh,
FF: heh, heh, yeah. . . shameless I believe that's the word.
AG: So, uh
DM: . . .running down the street?
SJ: Exactly.
AG: I'll shout. . . "HELLO THERE!"
DM: Right, so, um-, uh, oh, I have pursuit rules here, somewhere
AG: We should ask the mayor about a knight who maybe went to the alchemist's house.
FF: Yeah, and died a few weeks ago?
AG: {Whispered}Unless they would make us give the armor back and then we wouldn't want to do that.
FF: {Whispered}I can go hide somewhere out of town and wait for you guys.
DM: Ok, you guys all have the same movement, except for you're wearing Plate Mail, FF?
FF: I have Plate Mail, yeah. You mean like my armor, is that what you want to know?
DM: Yeah, your movement is 6". His {Indicates SJ} is 12". {To SJ}Are you going to chase him down without her following you or are you going to stop when he {indicating his character} begins to outpace her?
SJ: Uh, yeah, I'm going to chase him down without her following me.
DM: Normally when you're trying to elude somebody, you have base 1 in 8 chance of escape. However the terrain here is flat, which is going to give him a minus five. But there are buildings which him which give him a plus three, but it's the daytime which is gonna give him a minus 3. {I am misspeaking here. You have a 1-7 chance in 10 of escaping. -5 gives him a 1-2 in 10 chance of escape.} So he should have a 1 in 3 chance of escaping. Since you're the player character, you have a 1 in seven chance of finding him. Does that sound reasonable to everybody? Is there anything I might be forgetting that could affect the pursuit.
SJ: So, uh, we use a d10 and on a 1-3 he gets away?
DM: 1 through 7 you catch him. On an 8 through 10 he gets away.
AG: you said 1 in 7.
FF: Yeah, you said 1 in 7 chance.
AG: I was confused.
DM: Yeah. 1 through 7, out of 10. 70% chance of catching him.
FF: Ok.
DM: Does that sound reasonable to everybody? Is there anything else I'm forgetting about.
AG: on a d10 or a d8?
DM: The 10.
FF: The ground.
DM: It's flat.
FF: Is it muddy? dry? Whatever?
DM: It is- it is- I have no idea what the weather is, we should probably roll.
SJ: I have weather sense.
DM: You know that means you can detect what the weather is going to be. To determine what the weather actually is, you don't need to roll for.
AG to SJ: You have no idea.
DM: You can just look.
AG: Guys it's raining, oh gawd.
DM: {Mocking SJ} I'm using my weather sense to figure out what's going on out here. I'm getting all wet, and uhhhhhh
AG: It's interfering with my weather sense.
SJ: Cause that's totally what's going on, interfering.
AG: Can we, if he turns around with a knife, just run away. This is not an important situation I believe.
SJ: Well. Running away implies he's guilty of something.
AG to SJ: You would make a great fascist.
DM: I will tell you right now- Welcome to the new generation in America. Well- uh, I will tell you right now he's running away because he thinks you've come back to take the money you gave him. There's no question that is why he's running away.
SJ: Whatever, why did we give him money?
DM: Roll Percentiles.
FF: To get him to go away from us, he wouldn't leave us alone.
AG: To get him to give us some information
{End Simultaneous}
AG: So if you wanted you could shout out, "Do you have any spare money?"
SJ: Oh, wait, you want percentiles?
{Dice roll}
SJ: 78
DM: It is. . .raining
AG: Why don't you just shout out 'I'll give you a gold if you tell us everything you know about the alchemist's- I'm going to shout out 'I'll give you-
DM: That will aid him in his escape, the rain, so he is going to escape now at a 50% chance because of the rain.
AG: I'm going to shout, when I get to the back of the thing, while we're still kind of close "I'm going to give you a gold if you tell us about the alchemist's house!"
DM: Uhhhhhhh. . . you're going back in time to do that?
AG: yeah.
SJ: Going back in time, {laughing} yes we would go to 10 seconds before coming in.
AG: Wait, neither he nor you have rolled your running, right?
DM: Ok, well
AG: So you guys haven't even gone.
DM: Let's do this, if you're yelling that; he's out there in the rain. He is still within auditory range. so he is going to have his natural base noise detection chance to hear what you're saying.
AG: What is that?
DM: 15%
AG: *Snort*
FF: Just roll to see if we catch him.
AG: Hearing things is hard.
SJ: {Looking at the roll} He didn't hear the 15%.
AG: The end.
DM: So why don't you roll a d10 to see if you catch him.
AG: and scene.
SJ: {Dice roll} 7
DM: He loses himself in the streets.
AG: and scene.
FF: We caught him!
AG: peace out.
FF: Oh, no because of the rain.
SJ: 50% because of the rain.
FF: Sorry, because I asked about the damn weather. Cause I asked about the ground.
DM: You lose him in the rain.
AG: Ok.
DM: A guard walks up, to you.
SJ: 'Sup.
DM: Where you going in such a hurry?
AG: We catch up.
SJ: We are trying to catch a guy who ran away.
AG: Hey!
DM: You're chasing people in town, are ya?
AG: Hi, we're here now too.
DM: Ok.
AG: That's what I say anytime I approach anybody.

{End Description}


  1. It was super confusing reading this in Google Reader. White text on white background made me think there were irregular gaps in the transcript and we players were responding to unseen stimuli :V

    That was a fun bit of town chaos.

  2. It's funny you do this. I was actually planning to ask my game group if I could record next week, and I was going to post the recording as part of a new project I'm considering.

    How do you consistently manage to have my ideas slightly before I do, -c! =P

  3. I fixed the color, I believe. The future ones have no color, because we are using names.

  4. I still like color for added visibility, but maybe that's just me. I don't mind being Alchemist Garth with jerky purple text.

  5. Normally I loathe game reports and transcripts, but this was pretty fun.

    It was actually my dislike of the typical play reports on a lot of D&D sites that prompted me to make D&D Encounters a web-series.



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