On The Thursday Trick, The Wrong Choice

The Wrong Choice Pit (Category: Pit)

Trigger:Mechanical: Tripwire or Trigger WireEffects:N/A
Save:None Duration: Instant
Resets: ManualBypass:Special

Description: As you walk down the hall, you see the trip wire in front of you. It's hard to miss. About eight inches off the ground, it's a bit awkward to step over, but should be no trouble to jump.

Of course, when that happens, they will fall right into the pit on the other side.

Bypassing the pit is simple, triggering the tripwire will cause it to lock into place. The tripwire can of course be replaced by an obvious pressure plate, however the wire insures that they are in for a surprise when they get past it.

Detection/Disarming: The trick is obvious, but primarily relies on punishing player assumption. This is a good trap to use on the second floor, after all the straight forward pit traps, trip wire triggers and such have been encountered. Using it too early may cause too much paranoia in your players.

Detection is simply, they simply have to test the ground beyond the wire, any pit finding trick such as water on the floor, prodding with a 10' pole, or using henchmen/livestock as trap finders works.

(Inspired by the "Trip Wire That Isn't"  Grimtooth's traps, a trademark of Flying Buffalo Inc. games. 


  1. Haha, the imagery on this one is almost too funny not to use. I was just thinking of some traps for my next dungeon. Thanks!

  2. Tripwire, very dangerous! You go first!

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