On The Thursday Trick, The Pit of Hate

The Pit of Hate (Category: Pit)

Trigger:Mechanical: TimedEffects:Never Miss
Onset Delay
Multiple Targets
Save: None Duration: Instant
Resets: ManualBypass: None (Avoid)

Description: Do you hate your players?

Perhaps assertiveness hasn't worked for you? Perhaps you're playing with a few players who focus on their "character build" to the exclusion of rationality.

This is similar to last weeks trap, with one exception.

The pit lid has a central latch. When the pit lid slams into the wall, it triggers a mechanical timer. This can be acid eating through a rope, or a counterweight, or any one of several different things.

One round later this timer releases the trap in the ceiling. I suggest falling blocks for 6d8 damage. That, plus the damage from the pit, should do in all but the strongest PC's. If that's not enough, substitute an acid bath, or something equally heinous.

Detection/Disarming: This trap is really unfair. The pit is a central latch, which is difficult to detect without triggering. When triggered, it sets off the ceiling trap. There is no warning for the ceiling trap because the effects of the ceiling trap are mostly contained within the pit.

It might be possible to notice either the pit or the ceiling trap in good light if the characters are looking for seams. Testing with water is also a good idea.

However, using this pit is escalation. It's hard to detect and the consequences for not detecting it are severe. This falls under 'deadly GM' territory. If you're actually going to use this for one of the reasons I listed above, you should examine the type of people you are playing with and maybe find new players.


  1. Then again, sometimes certain players are just asking for it...

  2. There are a way to find any trap safely: charmed kobolds.
    Ref: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0840.html


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