On The Thursday Trick, Pit down, Trap up

Pit down, Trap Up (Pit+ Restraints/Hazards)
Trigger: Mechanical: Pressure Plate
Other: Player Greed
Effects: Liquid
Multiple Targets
Alchemical Device
Save: None Duration: Instant
Resets: Manual/AutomaticBypass: None (Avoid)

Description: This is a pit with a lid that pivots in the center. It is easily detectable. It is quite wide (~20') with a large lid, and will shift with the slightest pressure or testing. You may even give obtuse players a bit of a safety net by allowing them to notice the ground shifting before they fall in. It is somewhat trivial to spike the pit closed, allowing the delvers to walk across it without danger or triggering the pit.

If they look within the somewhat shallow pit, they see equipment and gear, some gold, and various other valuables in the floor of the pit. Curious delvers will of course want to descend to retrieve the treasure. However the gap is very small. In order to fit down into the bottom of the pit, the lid will have to be opened wide. Doing so will cause it to put into the ceiling.

The ceiling is of course where the pressure plate is. Once triggered the trap, set to go off in the 10' square where the players are standing could have several effects. The ceiling could collapse doing 6d8 damage to the targets (Save versus breath weapon for half). Darts could be triggered, with 3-12 darts hitting each target for 1-4 damage + Poison (save vs. poison or take 2-20 damage). Or alchemical items could be dropped on the heads of the party.

Detection/Disarming: A large part of the agency is in the secondary trap that is triggered. Giving the description of the effects of the secondary trap will provide some confusion as to what the real danger is.

The actual pit itself should be trivial to detect. If there is good light and the floor is being examined, then they might notice that the floor isn't perfectly level. If they are testing the floor, the slightest pressure will move the lid. Since the lid is so large and heavy, even if they miss all the other clues it will move so slowly after they step on it, they should have time to react.

The contents of the ceiling trap are very flexible, so you should think about the effects of the trap and use whatever agency is appropriate.

The origin of this pit is from  Grimtooth's traps, a trademark of Flying Buffalo Inc. games. 


  1. Good trap. Look at my left hand while my right one punches you in the gut. I like it.

  2. Nice and very player-skill compatible!


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