On Interesting Treasure: The Warriors Bronze

This ancient plaque depicts two Mabden Warriors.

Only the warriors aren't depictions. They fought an ancient beast, the Nahad, ancestor to the gorgon; the Nahad who's gaze shrunk you to a fraction of your size and who's breath turned you to stone.

The bronze carving is exquisite. If anyone were in possession of a metal to flesh spell, they would have two very thankful, confused, violent, servants of outstanding character and loyalty; surprisingly not worse for the wear.

The plaque radiates transmutation magic so faint that one turn of examination must be conducted before it is noticed. Otherwise, it is worth 300 gold pieces on the open market, or 1,500 to a collector.


  1. Nice. But would the warriors be able to communicate in an intelligible language? They could be quite tragic characters.

  2. Well, I have a specific list of languages, but the short answer is 'yes'.


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