On Interesting Treasure: The Spectral Aryballos

This beautiful Zunel flask does not actually contain spirits, either the metaphysical or the alcoholic kind. Indeed it is an Aryballos who's purpose is to hold perfume or oil. It is small and portable, designed to be carried.
But the Zunel were a strange and ephemeral species. It is said that each of their four eyes saw a different dimension. Anyone covered in oil or perfume stored in this flask may experience strange sensations, not the least of which is alien or long dead phantasmal forms appearing speaking strange tongues or perhaps with ancient imperatives.
Worth 300 gold on the open market, 1200 to a collector.

1 comment:

  1. I once made a character whose mustache was in another dimension. Sorry, it's Friday. It's true, though i never got to play him.


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