On The Thursday Trick, Sliding Wall Dungeon

Sliding Wall Dungeon (Category: Special)

Trigger: Mechanical: Pressure Plate
Mechanical: Timed
Effects:Never Miss
Onset Delay
Multiple Targets
Save: None Duration: Special
Resets: AutomaticBypass:Special

Description: One more dungeon conundrum, that of the sliding walls. These work best with what are truly four way intersections, but each exit of the intersection has a hidden sliding wall.

The first time the players visit, the wall may be a 90 right turn. They take the turn and travel away. Once out of sight, the walls reconfigure. When they return instead of finding the passageway turning to the left as they would expect, they find another right hand turn!

There is no end to the fun of sliding walls. Doors become dead ends. Corridors have new options. It can take the standard dungeon and both confuse and terrify your players, who's first thought is - how is what I'm looking at different from what I expect!

Detection/Disarming: Thankfully for the astute party their are multiple means of detecting these things above and beyond the natural ability of the dwarf.

First, each of these must have a detecting trigger such as a pressure plate or latch to start the timer. These can be detected in the standard ways.

Secondly, there must be a timer and this will be detectable in some manner also.

There is also the matter of the sliding wall. If it drops in from the ceiling or rises up from the floor there will be some sign on the wall of its passage. The same is true if it slides out from the side of the corridor. Also it will not be as thick as a normal wall, allowing a determined party with a mining pick to break through it. The wall takes up physical space when hidden and this can be detected also.

Another excellent foil is using the timer - which is designed to wait until the party is out of hearing and sight range - to confirm the existence of sliding walls by triggering the walls and not advancing and waiting for the walls to activate.

Finally, this too can be part of a puzzle, just like rotating intersections.

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