On The Thursday Trick, Rotating Intersection

Rotating Intersection (Category: Special)

Trigger:Mechanical: Latch or SwitchEffects:Never Miss
Save:None Duration:Varies
Resets: AutomaticBypass:Special
Or Disarm

Description: I've talked a little bit in the past about sliding and elevator rooms, but this isn't a room that moves from place to place, but instead one that moves in place, changing the options of where you can go.

Simply when the players enter/leave a room/intersection, there is a latch or switch triggered. It can be from a pressure plate, or a door, or even be triggered by an item, puzzle or key in the room (after all - how are the original owners supposed to get around inside this place).

Once triggered the central area rotates aligning with new corridors and halls.

Detection/Disarming: This can work subtly, like the elevator room, but it instead works much better as a central feature. If the players are unaware the dungeon is moving around them, then they may become quite confused when their map starts to make less and less sense. But if the players are presented with some sort of puzzle or key that changes how the dungeon rotates, they are engaged in solving a very physical puzzle.

The same advice for agency in discovering the latch or noticing the shifting rooms goes as for before. I.e. feeling a shaking or vibration, hearing a mechanical noise, or feeling other internal sensations.

The real challenge is figuring out the trigger and the correct layout.

A truly nefarious GM blocks their only way out with such a corridor.

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