On The Thursday Trick, A Pit, Slick

A Pit, Slick (Category: Pit, Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger:Mechanical: ProximityEffects:Never Miss
Save: Dexterity
Resets: AutomaticBypass: Special

Description:Pits are a Dungeon Master's arms race. As player navigate the simplest pits, the following pits must become more and more complicated in order to trap the players. This pit itself is a third order pit.

First you have the simple wall to wall open floor pit. No problem as the players just jump across.

Second, you have a pit designed to stymie jumpers. The ground in front of the pit slopes down towards the pit and is covered in a slick greasy substance. This welcome is mirrored on the other side as well. Take a flying leap over the pit, and you'll slip and whoops! Even if you do manage to make the jump successfully, you'll not be able to maintain your footing on the slick, sloped other side.

So how do they solve this second pit? By using pitons, ropes and other tools to safely climb across the pit so they can reach further areas of the dungeon.

So what's the next tool in the Dungeon Master's arsenal? A Pit, Slick.

This is very simple. The walls are either shoddily constructed, designed to give way and release any pitons or climbing equipment attached, or they contain a deadly and dangerous volatile substance, that will explode with force, preferably somewhere over the slick pit.

Detection/Disarming: A key component of this trap is the wall, their must be something different about it. A good time to mention this in the description is before the threat of the pit is described.

If the players do examine the wall, there must be something different about it - the surface will appear compressed or grainy (ready to crumble), or will be a literal cover over a substance that will not support weight.

It may be more difficulty to ascertain if a substance is planted behind a wall, but anyone examining the stonework should be able to tell that something has changed or replaced the stone walls on either side of the pit.

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  1. Nice trap. I'll stocking a dungeon with pits, so this is well-timed :)


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