On Questions Answered, Pride

Some questions were asked recently, and I cannot think of anything more boring and trite then just posting the answers on my blog.

Seriously, how many of those that were posted did you read?

However, as discussion topics, I think several of them are ripe for exploration themselves.

Let's talk a bit about my inventions that I am proud of!

First, welcome to my blog!

There's the Interesting Treasure Document, which I use to insure the players in my games never 'just' find treasure but instead find engagement. It allows me to provide flavor and color to non-magical and magical items. It has a companion on this blog covering Interesting Treasures that can be found. Each is a little bit of entertainment on its own. I've really outdone myself on these.

Next, you might check out Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Trap Design. What's that you say? Well, it's the tool I use to move away from the boring play of the skill check. It is the tool that allows me to create limited, interesting environments that players can use their own skill to explore. It also has a companion piece on this blog called the "Thursday Trick" highlighting not only tricks and traps, but also how to present them to encourage agency. Also: it's free.

If any of this is sounding good so far, please follow, subscribe, or share my blog right now. This isn't about some narrow focus, I make tools for gamers. There's no reason someone playing 4e couldn't get as much or more use out of those two things above that an OSR player can get. So, if you like 'em, share this post around.

Did I mention it's free? And we're nowhere near the end of this post?

In my perfect old school game, there are five classes. Fighter, Thief/Expert, Mage, Psionicist, and Alchemist. Let's talk a a bit about my resource for psionicst.

The rules for psionic 1e style play are spread out everywhere. The complete psionics guide for second edition is good, but broken mechanically (disintegrate by level 3) and has the downside of rolling to activate powers as well as an overly complicated power combat system.

So, with some help, I wrote a full, professional classbook with 44 pages, many original art pieces, and a complete power list that added 1st edition style psionics to the OGL. It also contains background and training tables for Hackmaster 4e players, magic items, monster indexes, kits for second edition players, and quick reference sheets.

Psionics, unlike wizard spells, carry danger in their use and are more flexible as to their results requiring the player to depend on their mental creativity at the time of use, fitting into the AD&D associated mechanics model outlined here at The Mule Abides. It requires that the player be both cautious and creative, much like an actual psionicist must be.

Professional. Free. Share this blog now.

I've written a critical hit system for D&D that models war-hammer that's fun with OD&D, provides a bit of extra survivability while still horribly maiming characters. I codified Zak's quick Key and Lock system into something more in depth for adventure preparation allowing the ability to use player skill on locks and traps. I maintain a couple of lists of random and non-random tables and links, as well as a 'most essential of the OSR' link page.

And, well, their are the daily blog posts covering art, items, traps, alchemy, theory and more!

But the best thing I've ever done I think - the thing I'm most proud of, is the coining of the Quantum Ogre and the assorted articles that follow. Not because of anything that is particularly brilliant about what I added - it's just a crystalization of some of the talk that's been happening about gaming for years.

But because it clearly and quantifiably puts to bed dozens of long held misconceptions about RPG's. Rules light games are DM Fiat. False. If you don't have skills you end up pixel bitching. False. If you roll low stats you're supposed to act dumb, strong, or weak. False. Player skill means you have to subjectively convince the DM of something. False. The DM decides if things work or not. False.

I hope everyone finds these as useful as I do and that you have as much fun reading about them as I have writing about them.

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  1. I had no idea about the Psionics doc. Thank you! I shall peruse and raid.


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