On Questions Answered, Illustrator For Shame!

Not once did I see this mentioned.

Russ Nicholson.

Who's the perfect RPG Illustrator?

 That's right.

Check out the hobbit in that picture, and you'll see why he is without question the best.
Some more pictures of his. . .

Any questions?


  1. A good point well made. Russ is a legend.

  2. Funnily enough, I just acquired a copy of the 2nd Edition Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG two days ago. And that thing, of course, is full of Russ' awesome art. His stuff comes loaded with all kinds of atmosphere. It's really enhancing my enjoyment of reading the game.

  3. Wowza. Added to my RPG Inspirations RSS folder.

  4. He did a lot of Fighting Fantasy art, and was thus very influential on my ideas about fantasy growing up. Together with John Blanche I credit him with producing my warped mind. I feel a post coming on...


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