On The Pause Before Papers and Pencils

What I really love about role-playing is that it is a cooperative game, not a competitive one. I like competitive games, perhaps too much and therein lies the problem.

Like tabletop gaming, blogging is a cooperative endeavor, not a competitive one. Sharing a good post doesn't reduce your blog traffic, it increases awareness and readership. It might even inspire someone to start their own blog. Also, you can't keep a good idea down, not a composite of the best blog posts, nor a search engine of the OSR.

One of our erudite contemporaries has moved his blog from it's old address at Comma, Blank_ to his new website:

Papers & Pencils

If you aren't a reader of LS's site, you should check it out. He runs Pathfinder and provides NPC's other game resources, and theory! Check out his Succubi in Succubus Town article! Or his Disscussion on Gygax and the Jeweled Man, one of the unsolved mysteries of Greyhawk! And his post on Agency, a topic dear to my heart.

Visit, check it out, and subscribe! I look forward to his posts every day, and really so will a lot of other people once they find the blog.


  1. Thank you for the plug, -C! And for the kind words. This means a lot.

  2. "blogging is a cooperative endeavor, not a cooperative one" - could you clarify this because it looks the same to me.


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