On Interesting Treasure: The Wooden Brain Mask

This mask is made of wood. Dried hide of some unknown creature is stretched over and covering the face and neck, which is decorated with several black grooves. The hide has a painted line on the forehead, and then there are the five tentacle-horn projections extending above the head.

Anyone is welcome to wear this mask, the Dungeon Master is responsible for determining what heinous event occurs next. The use of a random table is suggested.

The mask sells as a curiosity ("Will you look at that thing!?") for 800 gold.


  1. Ok, this calls for it:
    Roll on this table every morning to decide how the mask will work for the day:
    1. day of funny noises: everytime someone within 30' of the mask will make a pun, some wordplay or use a metaphor, one of the horns will unroll itself and make a blaring sound. This will force a check for wandering monsters (1-3 in d6).

    more table entries anyone?

  2. 2. For the day, the wearer can use the mask tentacles as a mindflayer would use its tentacles - namely to grapple an opponent's head and extract its brains. This is an extra attack in melee, and on a hit the mask tentacles have grasped the opponent's head. Brain extraction will take place in 1d4 rounds unless the mask is disabled or the mask wearer is killed.

  3. 3. The wearer must make a will saving throw or be given the intellect (WIS, INT and alignment) of one of the following creatures for 1 hour.

    1-2 Cat WIS 10 INT 2 N - the player follows their instincts and will protect people they like and hiss at, run away from or attack creatures they don't.
    3-4 Mindflayer WIS 13 INT 18 LE - the player's intelligence may lead them to great new insights but they will be malevolent and cunning. They may turn on former friends, especially not too bright ones as they think of them as beneath them.
    5-6 Titan WIS 20 INT 20 NG - The player will try to help others to the best of their abilities and fight evil mercilessly.

  4. 4. The mask tentacles randomly extend spraying a strange mist. Roll a d4. On an odd number, this mist is a random color coating things like paint. On an even number, this mist is a random smell.


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