On Interesting Treasure: The Plated Skull

It appears to be a skull made from some rare colorful stone, covered in silver plates with fine engravings. The metal jaw of lead is attached to the base of the irregular sphere.

The fine work and craftsmanship give this high value, and initial delvers will assume that this is some sort of art or artifact created by whatever long dead society once lived among these halls.

However the Vordoz, specifically Larnik the Insufferable, begs to differ with their assumption. His crystaline body, deprived of a head, but not of life, still endlessly searches for where his head is hidden.

If it is somehow removed from the protective wards in the chamber that it lies in, he will surely have a much easier time locating it.

Gold piece value: 4000 gold pieces to an interested party, 800 gold pieces as a curiosity.


  1. C- where do you find these awesome ass pictures?!

  2. That'll just have to be my secret. Tune in every Friday for more.

  3. Great picture and great item. I love treasures that tempt PCs to release nasty things.

  4. This could be a demi-lich


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