On Combat and Value

Just wanted to take a second and talk about this post over on How to Start a Revolution in 21 Days or Less by Oddysey.

It's one of those important summary articles that takes years of experience with a design and distils it down into useable information that improves the play of the game at the table.

Why D&D Has Lots of Rules for Combat: A General Theory Encompassing All Editions


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  1. ** DISCLAIMER**
    Combat is fun. I am not saying that it isn't. I also don't care how people play, just sharing my thoughts.

    I was writing about this the other day actually. I have no problem with a D&D game in type 4 to have an emphasis on combat, nor should there be a reason that other types place an emphasis outside of combat.

    However, when the joy of combat becomes the only reason you're fighting, I think we lose something in the game. I propose having objectives that the party strives to achieve with combat as a tool to place pressure on the party. Ex. Find the lost shrine of Mebootee BEFORE the other adventurers in the dungeon. This emphasizes cooperative play and uses combat as a means to an end.


    PS: LOVE your posts, always rich, insightful and deviously clever.


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