On Alchemical Spells, Burning Blood

Burning Blood
Necromancy (Alchemy)
Range: 6”/level Duration: 3 rounds
Components: V, S, M Area of Effect: 1 creature
Casting Time: 4 segments Saving Throw: Negates

Description: This spell allows the alchemist to turn the blood of the target into burning acid.
The alchemist selects one living creature. That creature must have exposed wounds. This means that they must have taken damage from an edged or piercing weapon. If this is the case the exposed blood of the target is turned into burning acid.
The target may make a save versus Spells each round at -4. Any success indicates that they resist the damage for that round.
The burning blood does 2d4 points of damage +1 per level of the alchemist. The alchemist does not need to touch or see the target, they simply must be within range.
The material component for this spell is a pinch of salt and sal petrae.

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