On Alchemical Items, Oil of Shadows

Oil of Shadows
BSC:15%(R)gp:500 gp
DC:25TTC:1 days
CC:9CGP::250 gp
NWP:-6XP:125 xp
D100:-10%Weight:- / 20
D6:1 in 6 / YDifficulty:Very Difficulty

Materials: Powdered Gold (1 dram), Powdered Silver (1 dram), Powdered Platinum (1 dram), Rare Earths (4 drams), Almonds (10 drams), Grape Seed (10 drams), Sunflower (10 drams), Olive Oil (8 drams), Kobold Claw/Agility Essence (2 drams), Powdered Sapphire (2 carats), Powdered Copper (10 drams)

Description: When this oil is used, it coats the user like a shadow, absorbing light. This gives a bonus of 20-50% on her ability to hide in shadows (+4-+10 ranks in Stealth). If the user has no ability to hide in shadows, then this oil grants that ability. Note that armor penalties still apply.

Rules are here.

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