On Alchemical Items, Elixir of Anesthesia

Elixir of Anesthesia
BSC:15%(R)gp:450 gp
DC:25TTC:1 days
CC:9CGP::80 gp
NWP:-6XP:150 xp
D100:-10%Weight:- / 20
D6:1 in 6 / YDifficulty:Very Difficulty

Materials: Purified Water (1 ounce), Rare Earths (1 dram),  Ogre's Heart/Body Essence (10 drams), Trolls Blood/Healing Essence (1 drams), Powdered Pearl (10 carats), Powdered Jade (10 carats),
Description: This wonderful elixir has many useful properties. The first and most useful is that it gives a +10% bonus to system shock rolls (+2 alchemical bonus on constitution checks).

The second effect is that while under the effects of this potion, the user acts as if he has taken half the physical damage he receives. The user takes 50% of his hit point total and adds it to his hit points. At the end of the potion duration, these hit points disappear. They are lost last (i.e. a character with 37 hit points drinks this elixir and gains 18 more hit points raising his total to 55. Then she takes 41 points of damage, leaving her with 14 hit points. Then the potion expires and the 18 hit points are lost. She then drops to -4, dying instantly) .

The third and final effect is that this elixir affects the user as a Slow Poison spell. For the duration of the potion any effect from poison is delayed until the potion expires at which point it takes effect.

Rules are here.


  1. Just doing a bit of exploring thorugh here and found this post. Are these items inspired by the Compleat Alchemist by Bard Games? That was my favorite old-school supplement.

  2. A bit. I'm working on a modern Alchemy supplement for OSR/Pathfinder games.


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