On Alchemical Items, Dust of Dispelling

Dust of Dispelling
BSC:20%(R)gp:3000 gp
DC:24TTC:1 days
CC:8CGP::1200 gp
NWP:-5XP:250 xp
D100:-5%Weight:- / 20
D6:1 in 6 / 6Difficulty:Very Difficult

Materials: Rare Earth (4 drams), Sulphur (4 drams), Powdered Silver (1 dram), Powdered Gold (1 dram), Powdered Platinum (1 dram), Rust Monster Scales/Entropy Essence (2 drams), Angel’s or Dragon’s Heart/Magic Essence (1 drams), Powdered Amethyst (20 carats), Powdered Silver (50 drams)

Description: Spreading this dust breaks all magical effects that are occurring where the dust is spread.  All magical effects are dispelled as if affected by a Dispel Magic cast by a level 15 caster. It can be dusted over the caster, a magical trap, or over an item. If dusted over an item it simply suppresses the magic for a short while.

Rules are here.


  1. Why is Powdered Silver listed twice, once with 1 dram & once with 50 drams? Is there supposed to be a two stage preparation process where silver is used in each, or should it read 51 drams of powdered silver, or should one of those amounts be a different ingredient?

    1. Because I don't have an editor yet! The base recipe for dusts includes a dram of each silver, gold, and platinum. It should be 51 drams.


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