On The Thursday Trick, Curtains!

Curtains! (Pit)

Trigger:Mechanical: Latch or Switch Effects: Liquid
Multiple Targets
Alchemical Device (possible)
Save: Dexterity or
Duration: Instant
Resets: Manual Bypass: None (Avoid)

Description:The hallway in front of you is blocked by a curtain.

When the curtain is disturbed, a latch is released. Two things happen at this point. 20' behind you there is a pivot in the ceiling. This allows the ceiling to rotate, quickly swinging down 5' behind you. It hits the floor with a resounding "THOOOM" as the gallons of oil are suddenly freed.

The second thing that happens is that the struts maintaining stability on the 10' square where the curtain is located are released, and the floor suddenly becomes slightly wobbly, tilting down towards the curtain.

Those that are not crushed by the falling ceiling must make a dexterity check to maintain their footing. If they fall through the curtain they need make no roll to detect the pit.

Torches dropped or held have a tendency to ignite the oil fumes so feel free to apply 2d6 burning damage per round till the fire is put out.

Anyone standing underneath the ceiling 5'-10' away from the curtain must make a save vs. rods or take 8d8 crushing damage. Those that save take half. Those standing 11'-15' away must make a save vs. rods or take 2d6 damage. Those that save take none. Small adventurers like halflings and such get +4 to their save.

Once one turn has passed, the ceiling slowly winds itself back up into place, and the oil refills from a reservoir of oil.

Fill the pit with whatever terror you wish.

Detection/Disarming: Curtains are wonderful. Sometimes they cover alcoves, sometimes they conceal treasure, and sometimes, sometimes they crush you to death while setting your companions on fire before dumping them into a pit filled with poison spikes and hungry monsters.

The first thing that players might notice is the smell of oil. Though not strong it is just above their heads. A close inspection of the ceiling will reveal the pivot spot, and there will probably be discoloration from oil leakage where the ceiling falls.

As they near the curtain, they may notice it is singed (for the curtain itself is flameproof). It should also be clear the the floor is darker and stained and possibly a little slick from the oil that has been spilled down its surface.

There may be the recent or not so recent remains of a corpse where the ceiling slams into the floor. On the other hand, perhaps not, being the loud noise the trap makes when set off tends to attract many of the larger predators in the dungeon.

The idea for this pit is originally from Grimtooth's traps, a trademark of Flying Buffalo Inc. games. 

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