On The Thursday Trick, A Corridor, Separated

A Corridor, Separated (Special, Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger: Varies,
Mechanical: Pressure Plate
Mechanical: Tripwire or Trigger Wire
Mechanical: Proximity
Mechanical: Light Detection
Magical: Proximity
Magical: Sound
Magical: Visual
Magical: Touch
Effects:Never Miss
Multiple Targets
Save: None Duration: Instant
Resets: Automatic Bypass: Disarm

Description: This is a classic dungeon trap of separate and destroy.

In a long 10' wide hallway there is a trigger at the end. Behind the right (or left) wall in the hallway is  an empty area where monsters reside, also about 10' wide and as long as you wish.

When the trap is triggered, each 20' section of wall pivots in the middle, 90 degrees clockwise. Now, instead of a hallway, you have a number of 10' long, 20' wide rooms, each with one or two individual adventurers and their very own monster.

The monsters can be non-living or non-moving monsters such as undead, constructs or plants, or their could be different exits or ways for the monsters to enter the feeding chambers. Also once the trap is sprung it could be that the only exits from each new chamber lead to different areas.

Detection/Disarming: Since this trap is usually sprung at the end of a long corridor there are many clues that could be found by astute adventurers.

The first and most obvious is the scrape marks on the floor and ceiling from the walls turning. Over time they could cause what would appear to be a pattern of quarter-circle shaped marks where the walls shift.

Players could also notice dark splotches that end in sharp lines on the floor and walls. Blood would clearly be spilt  and it would land on the floor, but when the walls move back into place it would leave a sharp demarcation where no blood would be.

It may also be possible to hear the monsters behind the wall, and the characters may see broken arms and armor littering the hallway ahead.

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