On The Thursday Trick, Bear Trap

Bear Trap (Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger: Mechanical: Pressure Plate Effects
Save:Dexterity Duration: Instant
Resets: Manual Bypass:Disarm

Description: This is a bear trap, for bears. Spring powered, sometimes called an ankle biter, these can use food as a lure or be concealed in some manner - possibly even magically.

If not discovered by searching, checking the characters reflexes with a dexterity check can help them avoid the trap. This check covers both catching sight of the trap at the last minute and ducking out of the way.

Failure means taking 2d8-1 damage. If the character is not wearing leg armor (i.e. leather) or both dice come up 8, then the leg is broken. They are also trapped.

If the bear trap is loose, the player character can still move with the trap attached to his leg. his moved is reduced by 4", he gains no benefit from his dexterity to his armor class which is further lowered by 2, and the character continues to bleed. You may assign damage from this as desired, but the real danger is the delicious trail of blood left through the monster infested dungeon.

For a trap that is somehow static or chained in place the character is trapped and must work their way free before they starve or something worse happens.
Few characters starve.

The player can also attempt a bend bars/lift gates roll to escape the trap. If the player and his companions can apply more than 22 points of strength combined to the trap it will also be possible to pry open, but the character's strength is at -14 for these purposes, both for the pain caused to the leg and the poor angle they will have at opening the trap.
You can also smash the trap apart it will take between 20 and 50 points of damage to break apart, and it will ignore the first 5-10 points of damage based on material.

There is fervent debate on the efficacy of loudly banging a large metal weapon against a metal trap and associated survival rates.

Detection/Disarming: Disarming these is simple. Trigger them with something that is not your leg. These are often camouflaged in several ways, covered by leaves, or underneath cloth. When used to bait animals, there is often food in or near the trap. For adventurers gold or other treasure works well. They are particularly effective in areas where the floor is poorly lit.

It is usually placed near a desirable object, and is generally considered an error to bait the center of the trap. The trap is generally situated near where a person would stand to acquire the desirable object.

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