On Interesting Treasure: The Wooden Child

It is said that the wood elves know no art but that of archery and death, and yet like all elves they leave traces of their passing.

Seeking an earlier age of innocence and youth, a wood elf will often craft a wooden child. These 1'-3' intricate wooden sculptures often seem to take on a life of their own. Indeed it is said the soul of a wood elf can be viewed through the eyes of these children.

If that is simple allegory or if one is able to see through the eyes of the Silvan people using this item or even if this grants control over their forest creators is unknown.

In an unrelated fact, these remain rare and tend to disappear due to the frequency of mysterious and coincidental death of the owners.
Gold piece value: 1200 gp
Weight, 80-350 lbs.

1 comment:

  1. Gives me an idea for a modified medusa - turning her victims to wood instead of stone, living in a forest glade instead of ancient ruins. I can also see some sort of a modified King Midas curse as a good background hook for a story arc.


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