On Interesting Treasure: Sliver Ring of Amon

The double crossed ring of Amon, deity of purity are often found. The rings are pure silver, and would be worth about 10 gold if not for their special qualities.

The first is as the bearer becomes more physically unclean the ring produces a burning sensation for the user, reminding penitents of Amon the virtue in cleanliness.

If touched to less then 3 cups of water, it will purify them of any foul humors once per sun cycle.

Finally, it has been said that those who remain both physically and spiritually pure may sometimes be protected by the ring. Anyone meeting the criteria may be given a warning before any imminent harm threatens the wearer. (Once annually against an unexpected attack or effect the wearer may roll 2 twenty sided-dice for a saving throw and take the better roll).
Gold Piece Value, 120 gold coins

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