On Interesting Treasure: Marriage Chair

This 3' relic of the Yate people is highly sought after and difficult to find.

During their marriage ceremonies the headpiece of the bride was removed and doused in the blood of her other suitors. Once this headpiece was placed upon the marriage chair the bride was said to be unable to refuse any wish of her husband.

The back is of pure soft gold and polished sliver. The cushion is covered in the skin of the rare purple mushroom of the Yate. It is decorated with the polished bone spheres of infant nightingales. The bottom is set with pearls and more polished steel.

Is is unknown if the legendary subservience of Yate wives was due to this enchantment or the aggressive highly dominate nature of their men. Regardless, the legend causes high demand for such a treasure by nobles. Few remain in existence and those that do are so delicate as to be at constant risk of destruction.

Gold piece value: 8400 gold

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