On the Costal Wizards

You know what's awesome?

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Swords & Wizardry
Labyrinth Lord
Adventurer Conqueror King

Why? They are thought out - done for love, and amazingly playable. Each one makes you want to grab some dice and head into the depths.

I've rewritten this post a dozen times.

The problem with Wizards, isn't a problem with Wizards. It's the problem with corporations in America. And it can be summed up in two short phrases. Capitalism is a problem and Industry isn't. Because if the only goal of a company is to make money, then it's a bad company. (Henry Ford, Industrialist)

That said, I can move on and talk about more interesting things then the slow painful death of what used to be the Free United States of America!

A company is only as good as their latest product or service.

I wanted and have asked for years for the copyright holders of Dungeons and Dragons to reprint first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

They are going to reprint first edition.

This is awesome. I spend money on gaming, and the 1e re-release is the first time in about five years Wizards of the Coast will get a dime of it.

There is nothing that can be done to prevent me from having fun at home with my friends. And if wizards is a financial failure and D&D goes the way of the Dodo people will still role-play and someone else will engage the market. The death or life of Wizards has little to do with role-playing at this point.

How do I know this?

People are doing it now for free, someone will make paying products for what clearly has a market.

I like games with built characters and boards, but I'll take them like Arkham Horror. For my RPG's I will continue to play what I'm playing now. The whole D&D next thing is really a non-starter, you know? It's a game, if it's good I'll play. If not, I'll play it and then stop.

Hasbro has done terrible things. These things that they do - ostensibly for money - drive me away from the company and make me wish to not spend money there. Natural consequences. Their questions about the input they are gathering for 5e so far (Holy or Radiant damage, do you want to fight skeletons, goblins, etc.) are so galactically functionally retarded as to virtually guarantee my non-participation. As such, it is doubtful they will get much of my future money.

Natural consequences.

As of now? Until some concrete rules emerge with perspective to understand how they will work in play, there is nothing else to say.

Now we continue with our regularly scheduled programing.


  1. Slam dunk. I just go where I can get stuff I like. It's that simple.

    Now, do I call my mom and ask her to dig through my stack of old gaming books and mail the old AD&D stuff to me... or just order the new ones?? TOUGH CALL.

  2. Right now, WotC has something I want. They have refused to let me have it so far, but their resolve seems to be weakening. Until I can get that thing (which, for the record, is a reprint of the White Box, Chainmail, and the four supplements), I want them to not disappear. After that, I don't really care what happens to them.

    5E is being dominated in the discussion by the MMO kids. Good for them, though I hope that they can learn a new way to play. They'll have to, from what I am hearing, because the designers are looking at a way to re-enable a non-CRPG method of play in addition to the MMO-centric ideas. Some of the Referees out there are going to disable the MMO and tactical switches in their games.

    (Personally, I don't even know what "Holy" and "Radiant" damage mean, so from what I understand, it's not going to be at the core of the new edition. That means that I can ignore it.)

  3. @faoladh

    You know how damage by fire and acid is special with regard to D&D trolls? Holy and radiant is the same kind of deal. Some enemies can resist it, others may be extra vulnerable to it. Personally, I don't like this sort of magical keyword (it reminds me of Magic: The Gathering rules lawyering) but it's easy enough to work around.

  4. OK. My point stands, though, which is that such terminology is not core to D&D in any way, and so, if what they are saying is true (an important conditional), won't be essential to playing 5E.

  5. hahaha I remember that radiant / holy poll. I was like wtf are these really the kinds of questions you can't figure out on your own.......


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