On Classic Imagery: A Wizard Smoker on a Die and a Unicorn

Two small images that I never thought much about till I played Hackmaster. Now I think they are quite lovely. These are original scans, so feel free to click to enlarge.

The first is a Wizard (or druid) sitting on a D6. I believe this is by Trampier, but since there is no signature it is just a guess.

Unknown, by D. A. Trampier, Unknown Date
Title Plate, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook
Ink on Unknown Medium, Unknown Size

This Unicorn occupies the same place in the Dungeon Masters Guide. It is by Darlene Pekul.
Unknown by Darlene Pekul, Unknown Date
Title Plate, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide
Ink on Paper, Unknown Size
The parody pieces are below, the first is by Ed Northcott.
Unknown by Ed Northcott 2001
Title Plate, Hackmaster Player's Handbook
Ink on Unknown, Unknown Size

I assume this one is also, though it also lacks a signature.

Unknown by Ed Northcott, Unknown Date
Title Plate, Hackmaster Gamemaster's Guide
Ink on Unknown, Unknown Size


  1. Huh, I never noticed the wizard was reading an AD&D manual before.

  2. I never noticed that he was sitting on a die. I had also never noticed the eyes in the shadows of the magic mouth picture until someone pointed it out recently.

  3. A tad late, perhaps -- but you're right. I did the unicorn picture, too. :)


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