On Alchemical Items, Philter of the Bifurcated Mind

Philter of the Bifurcated Mind
BSC:0%(R)gp:3000 gp
DC:28TTC:6 days
CC:12CGP::800 gp
NWP:-9XP:250 xp
D100:-25%Weight:- / 20
D6:0 in 6 / 7Difficulty:Formidable
RarityVery Rare

Materials: Pure Clear Water (1 ounce), Rare Earths (1 dram), Ettin Eyeballs (4 drams),  Intellect Devourer Brain/Mind Essence (4 drams), Angel's or Dragon's Heart/Magic Essence (2 drams)

Description: This powerful filter enhances the mind of the imbiber allowing them to focus on two actions at once. It does not increase the number of limbs or the speed of the imbiber, it simply allows them to focus on two completely seperate mental actions at once. This could include activating a psionic power while fighting, or possibly casting a spell with no somatic components while performing a shield bash. One could use a wand while climbing a rope - or any other combination of activities that you are physically capeable of performing, but require concentration.

Rules are here.

1 comment:

  1. Can be perfectly useful in 5e, I'd make it allow to use two spells needing concentration at once. It'd be the most sought alchemic essence amongst spellcasters.


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