On Alchemical Items, Oil of Acceleration

Oil of Acceleration
BSC:30%(R)gp:800 gp
DC:22TTC:2 days
CC:6CGP::200 gp
NWP:-3XP:150 xp
D100:+5%Weight:- / 20
D6:2 in 6 / 5Difficulty:Hard
RarityVery Rare

Materials: Powdered Silver (1 dram), Powdered Gold (1 dram),  Powdered Platinum (1 dram),  Rare Earths (4 drams), Almonds (10 drams), Sunflowers (10 drams), Grapeseed (10 drams),  Olive Oil (8 ounces),  Pegasus Blood/Speed Essence (2 drams),  Powdered Sapphire (5 drams)

Description: This oil when applied to the skin grants the user increased speed. Air seems to flow around them, armor moves with less resistance, and the user becomes much faster than normal. One application of this oil will increase the users speed by 50%. Users with a base speed of 12" will move at 18", a speed of 9" will move at 13.5", and a base speed of 6" will move at 9" (Increase base speed by 50%, 20' or 4 squares per move becomes 30' or 6 squares and 30' or 6 squares per move becomes 45' or 9 squares per move action). Note that this oil bypasses restrictions to speed from armor, the armor restriction of weight and bulk is applied, and that movement value is increased by half. Moving at this speed is as tiring as moving at whatever rate you are moving would normally fatigue you.

Although normal oils last 4+1-4 turns, due to the extreme speeds the user travels at, this oil tends to dry out quickly. It lasts for 1 turn.

Rules are here.

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