On Alchemical Items, Dust of Deliquescence

Dust of Deliquescence
BSC:30%(R)gp:150 gp
DC:22TTC:1 days
CC:6CGP::50 gp
NWP:-3XP:50 xp
D100:+5%Weight:- / 20
D6:2 in 6 / 5Difficulty:Difficult

MaterialsRare Earths (5 drams), Lye (4 drams), Powdered Silver (1 dram), Powdered Gold (1 dram), Powdered Platnium (1 dram), Rust Monster Scales/Entropy Essence (2 drams)

Description: This dust, when spread over once living material that is no longer alive, produces a thick, dark, mist for several moments. This mist contains streams and wisps of sparkling silver smoke, and a soft ominous hissing sound can be heard. Several moments later, the dust clears and the corpse disappears.
This dust has no effect on any living creature, and does not affect plant life - only animal. It will destroy dead bodies, leather armor, and other dead organic matter in one round leaving no trace. Most undead are unaffected by this dust, though it will do 3d6 damage to corporeal undead that have fewer than 3 hit dice.
Rules are here.

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