On Alchemical Items, Dust of Decay

Dust of Decay
BSC:15%(R)gp:250 gp
DC:25TTC:1 days
CC:9CGP::80 gp
NWP:-6XP:25 xp
D100:-10%Weight:- / 20
D6:1 in 6 / 6Difficulty:Very Hard
RarityVery Rare

Materials: Rare Earths (5 drams), Salt (4 drams), Powdered Silver (1 dram), Powdered Gold (1 dram), Powdered Platinum (1 dram), Zombie Flesh/Decay Essence (10 drams), 

Description: This dust causes non-living material to age and decay. When a pinch is applied it affects up to 3 cubic feet of material. This non-living material then rapidly ages approximately 300 years. If 2 pinches are used objects will age up to 1000  years. Each bag of dust is found with 1d12+8 pinches available, newly crafted dusts will have a full 20 doses.
This will cause stone to weather, crack and weaken and in most cases will dissolve wooden and less sturdy supports. A full bag will affect 600 cubic feet of building for 300 years, or half that for a millennium. Specific effects are left to the adjudication of the Dungeon Master, a safe damage range for a collapsing building is 10d6.
This will also rust and destroy armor, destroy rope, rations, iron spikes, doors and other equipment. Note that this has no effect on any sort of living organism, such as a tree, grass, animals, a human being or fungi. It causes no damage to undead, but naked vampires are usually not very happy.

Rules are here.

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