On The Thursday Trick, Trapdoor Loft

Trapdoor Loft (Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger: Mechanical: Pressure Plate Effects:Liquid
Never Miss
Multiple Targets
Alchemical Device
Duration: Instant
Resets:Manual Bypass:Disarm

Description: Somewhere in the ceiling ahead lies a deadly toxic substance. Upon triggering a hidden pressure plate a stone or wood door in the ceiling drops open and dumps entertaining substances on the party!

Detection/Disarming: Detect this as any trap door - it could be hidden or even secret. Also the trigger must be locatable, and the ceiling may show some signs of the existence of a trap door.

Signs may be present on the floor of the various kinds of things that can be dropped from the trap door.

Flaming Oil will leave scorch marks
Green Slime, Black Pudding or various other oozes, slimes and jellies will leave scarring and other signs of their presence.
Falling Rocks will leave dust, cracked stone and scrapes and scratches on the floor work
Garbage and Offal will leave stains and there may be a terrible stench depending on the ventilation.
Sand and Water can be released filling the space below. Both will leave telltale signs of their presence.

1 comment:

  1. Traps are the hardest thing for me to imagine spontaneously, so I appreciate this series.

    In a ruined dwarven holdout, this trap will drop either flaming oil or rolling stone pillars on my players.


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