On The Thursday Trick, The Hostile Enclosure

The Hostile Enclosure (Restraints/Hazards)

Trigger:Magical: Proximity Effects:Multiple Targets
Save: Strength
Armor Class
Resets: Automatic Bypass:Selective Trigger

Description: While traveling down a corridor with strangely uneven walls, hands suddenly erupt and grab a hold of the players. They are then restrained until the eventual occurrence of a wandering monster at which point they can beg for help.
The hands strike out attempting to grab any PC along a stretch of corridor. They attack with a ThAC0 of 12 (Attack bonus +8) and 2-4 hands strike each player, each attempting to grab a different limb. The walls are stone and have 40 hit points each and ignore the first 8 points of damage from any strike. A PC may make a opposed strength check each round to break free from one of the hands. The stone hands are considered to have a strength of 20. Once grappled, each PC is attacked 2-4 times a round until each limb is securely held by three hands or 3-9 rounds pass (2d4+1). Each additional hand raises the difficulty of the strength check to escape by 4.

Detection/Disarming: The hands can either be seen as protrusions on the wall, or in a more magical place may actually extend out from a smooth unmarked wall. The hallway will likely be littered with equipment, skeletons and gear.
Once trapped, which is fairly likely the walls deactivate for all new entrants in the hall for 12 turns. This is to allow plenty of time for the wandering monsters to show up and accost their prey. The players may wish to beg or plead for safety at this point, though they may not have much to bargain with.
Any PC's with a limb free or only held by 1 hand may attack at a -2 penalty. They lose whatever advantage dexterity gave them to their armor class and are treated as prone for all attacks against them.

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