On The Thursday Trick, The Door of Subtle Demise

The Door of Subtle Demise

Trigger: Magical: Proximity Effects:Never Miss
Save:None Duration:1d8+2 rounds
Resets: Automatic Bypass: None (Avoid)

Description: This door differs from the rest of the doors in the complex. It will have deceptions of death or some sort of death imagery on the door.
Any living creature may pass through the door without effect, excepting a minor chill as if experiencing the first winter wind.
Anytime any non-living creature is carried or falls through the door instantly become animated as a zombie created from the animate dead spell for 1d8 +2 rounds. They immediately lash out at all nearby  targets, clawing and attacking for the duration of the effect.
Creatures that become zombies gain one more hit die of the type they had in life and their armor class improves by 2. They also become resistant to slashing weapons. They gain a slam attack that does 1d8 damage plus one more than their strength bonus to attack. (i.e. if they had a +2 damage bonus from strength, their slam does 1d8+3) They also always attack last in the round. (+1 HD, +2 AC, Slam attack 1d8 + 1 + Strength, always attack last or in pathfinder, staggered condition)
This door should be located near the entrance to the dungeon to insure that any bodies leaving are hacked to pieces before they can be resurrected.
Detection/Disarming: The door is not hidden, and any living creature can detect the magical effect by the chill that passes over them as they walk through the door. Wizards can note the taint of necromantic magic, and thieves can easily detect the magical nature of the door.
Determining what the door does on the other hand can be a much more complicated task, requiring either divination magic or testing by the player characters.

As mentioned in the comments, credit for this trap goes to Greenwood and Undermountain.


  1. Credit goes to Greenwood and Under mountain. I've made tricks and traps a specialty and focus of mine, and there isn't much new under the sun.

  2. This is fantastic, and I'm also going to use the inverse: a door that proves the unmaking of any undead. Or perhaps when passed through in one direction the Door of Subtle Demise animates the dead, and when passed through the other direction, it de-animates any undead? What an interesting way to create zones of danger and safety in a dungeon.

  3. This is indeed excellent! I look forward to using it.


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