On Interesting Treasure: Patchwork Raptor

The Patchwork Raptor made by the long dead ancient master smith Glimzig Dalkor was said once long ago in legend to be a living bird.

Anyone who discovers this strange creature made from silver, pearl, and quartz will be surprised to discover that the pieces are not merely attached, but are in fact interlocking and fit together as a puzzle.
Woe to anyone brave enough to dissasemble the bird for the interlockings are so complicated to stymie the attempts of even the wisest sages to attempt to understand how they interact.
It is said that the raptor still is missing a few crucial pieces, lost over the ages. What is to happen if those pieces were returned remains unknown to this day.
Gold Piece Value: 650gp
Gold Piece Value to a Gnome or sage aware of its status as a work of Glimzig Dalkor: 1280gp

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