On Interesting Treasure: Golden Statue of Sor-Pathis

Found in an ancient snake man temple, this sculpture is of the demon Sor-pathis. It depicts his two wheeled chariot and the barrel of hearts.
Every winter solstice Sor-pathis would travel among the creches of the snake men young and distribute his barrel of treasure.
The barrel was filled with the bloody hearts of the slave races who had escaped the yoke of serpent man rule. They were tracked down by Sor-pathis and slain, their hearts gleefully collected and returned to all ophidian-kind as a symbol of their eternal dominance over the mammalian slave folk.
This statue represents the physical aspect of Sor-pathis, who has long been banished to a sub-world far from the prime material where he has lain long dormant.
Perhaps this statue's recovery will change that. . .
Gold Piece Value: 450 gp

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  1. Awesome! You cannot go wrong with snake-men! Very nice magic item.


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