On Interesting Treasure: Cat's Broach

Friday is a slow day for posting, so something a little more fun. We'll have interesting treasure items, and new alchemical items on Fridays.

This small (1") obsidian broach is delicately carved in the shape of a feline. It is inlaid with platinum filigree, around thin slices of gemstone shaped like fall leaves. One tiny flawless ruby sits as an eye, a tiny amethyst is used as the nose. The obsidian is carved as if to resemble fine hairs. It may possibly have magical qualities relating to cats or faeries.
Gold piece value: 600gp

+1 or comment if you're in favor of this new series!


  1. In a thief's effects, a notably fine set of lock picks is found. In addition to the usual tools there are two items: a jeweler's loupe, and an odd item resembling a dentist's pick with a tiny pearl at the tip of the hook. These last two items radiate magic modestly, but The other tools are mundane, though of enough quality to give a small bonus in their use.

    The loupe has a word ("gamma") inscribed upon it, and a variety of abstract magical symbols, but pronouncing the word will have no noticeable effect, and the loupe behaves normally, just the thing for examining jewelry up close.

    The hook has three words inscribed upon its shaft ("alpha", "lambda", "omega"). Speaking "lambda" will cause the jewel to emit a dim light, barely enough to read by in the dark if one's eyes have adjusted. But the other two have no obvious function.

    Its magic can be activated by attaching the loupe directly to one's eyeball, whereupon it will adhere. Speaking the loupe's command word causes it to detach from the user's eye.

    While wearing the loupe, the user can see out of the jewel on the end of the hook. By default the view is focused inwards for viewing very small things, such as the inside of a lock or a mechanical trap. Speaking "omega" causes the view to expand so that the hook becomes useful for viewing a full room, if you were to stick the hook under the crack of a door or through the lock hole. Speaking "alpha" causes the view to shrink again.

  2. Before I started doing my weekly "Colorful Characters" post, I considered doing a series just like this, among several other options.

    I like the idea of producing a small game element for use on a weekly basis. I approve this series!

  3. I hate to broach the topic but I think you mean "brooch" :)

  4. @Roger

    The internet tells me it's a valid (though archaic) spelling.

  5. Nice post! I use something similar when running my games. I'll scour Google images for nifty valuable trinket images and award treasure via printed hand-outs. It makes designing unique items so much easier when you can visualize it. The players love it, except of course when they get something like a jade Cthulhu figurine. The looks on their faces...priceless.

  6. That is a beautiful piece of jewellry.

    More of this please :)


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