On Interesting Treasure: Ancient Brass Calendar

This brass plate contains detailed engravings. The engravings are of a high quality and represent a calendar of the ancients.
The center represents various periods throughout history and the future and has numerical significance with the markings contained within certain angular ratios.
The plate is interesting because it is one of the few brass artifacts found from this ancient civilization and this indicates part of the plates special purpose as a tool. It is part of an ancient timekeeping mechanism and allows you to interpret the data in that hidden sepulchre.
Perhaps another artifact nearby has clues to the location of this ancient mechanism.
Gold piece value: 80 gp
Gold piece value to a collector: 1000+gp

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  1. I forgot about this before now, but a few months ago I went to a museum and wrote down a brief description of all the treasures in one section of one wing. Real world treasures are almost never boring, you can get a lot of varied items in a short time that way. Here are the first ten from that list, without cherry-picking:

    - Gilded plate 10” diameter, figure of sphinx in silver, border of stylised seeds in silver

    - Gilded vase, 8”, gourd-shaped, design of grape vines with grape-pickers and birds in raised silver

    - Silver plate with engraving: king on horseback fighting lions, cleaving one's head with his sword

    - Gold & silver coins, obverse shows head of king, reverse alternately throne, altar of fire

    - Golden shield boss in form of grinning lion head

    - Ornate silver scabbard, long, with many flanges and set with small white gems

    - Luxury cut-glass bowl in beehive pattern

    - Golden vessel for oil in shape of fish (patterned with scales), silver stopper in mouth

    - Two gold armlets, terminals in shape of horned griffins set with small stones

    - Small golden jug, carved tiger head gripping rim of jug in mouth forms end of handle


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