On A Happy Holiday

So, I don't celebrate Christmas. I'm not a fan of lying to children, I'm a minimalist and don't believe in consumerism, and as an atheist and skeptic the religious aspect is more than a little annoying. After all, if you lived with people who thought Zeus was real, you'd think they were pretty silly with their pagan rites and such.

(Hope that gives you some interesting reading on a Christmas morning)

However, you shouldn't let my personal views stop you from enjoying the blog. I hope everyone has enjoyed my 31 days of posts, and that the skill posts haven't become to interminable.

Remember to be thankful and live with present mindfulness!

Be here now!

Here's hoping everyone plays and participates in more games in 2012!


  1. Here's to hoping we all play more games and have more good times!

  2. Yay Atheists:) I don't get the holiday season either.. I also love it when people look at me as if I've sprouted a second head when I say I don't A) celebrate Christmas and B) Am an Atheist.

  3. Why wouldn't you want to lie to children? Dramatic irony is hilarious.


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