On Alchemical Items: Powder of Deathsight

Happy new year everyone!

Powder of Deathsight
DC:12TTC:1 day
CC:0 (-4)CGP::3 gp
D100:+55%Weight:- / 20
D6:5 in 6 / 2Difficulty:Easy

MaterialsRare Earth (1 dram), Absinthe (4 drams), Cyclamen (1 dram), Henbane (2 drams), Nightshade (3 drams), Gypsum (1 dram), Calx Viva (2 drams)

Description: When this dust is inhaled or consumed it causes the target to perceive all living creatures as walking corpses. Flesh appears to be rotting and sloughing off, gait is unsteady, and the process of decay has set in on every living creature the target sees. The target is under no compulsion to act hostile towards the visions and perceives all other visual and auditory stimuli as normal, i.e. he hears their speech and sees their reactions as normal.
The powder tastes like bananas and cumin and will flavor food and drink accordingly.

Rules are here.

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